Sunday, July 1, 2012

The ER and Lock UP

So I did plan to do some blogging about the amazing busy time I've been having, but instead I found myself unable to breathe.  I was having such a hard time that when I called UC Davis the Pulmonologist didn't think I could make it there, so I went to a local Emergency room instead.  So I am in Enloe.  The people so far have been nice which makes the nerve wracking part of being a new place a bit less so.  It looks like I was dehydrated again.  As soon as they pumped some fluids in me, I started having an easier time breathing (with the O2 on).  I still can do a lot of moving around but there is some improvement.  The doctor here spoke with my CF doctor and they both agreed that I would be better treated at UC Davis. So they're trying to get me stablized enough to transfer.  Not sure when that will be.

The silver lining to all this is that Enloe is located close so that my mom can get some rest at the house and my boyfriend can relieve her.  He met us up at the ER and stayed the night here with me.  My mom had worked yesterday and needed to get some rest and care for my niece.

Another good thing about being here is that we have a couple of friends from our Bible study who work here.  They've stop by to say hi.  One of them came just in time. The hospital was getting ready to move me from the ER to a room.  They sent a guy from the lift team to bring me up.  I still had a bunch of EKG stuff connected to me and he was going to remove.  I sitting there thinking, "I don't even let my boyfriend see this part of me and here a complete stranger about to lift my shirt."  Luckily my friend told him no, shooed him to the other side of the room, shut the privacy curtain, and removed all the stuff.  She did this during her lunch break.  I was completely relieved.

So I've survived my first night here.  My boyfriend is trying to catch up on some sleep.  He's been up with all my coughing attacks, and my short of breath moments.

I think being a loved one of a CFer can more exhausting than being a CFer at times.

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