Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lock Up Update

Thought I'd try updating everyone on what's been going on.  I was transferred to UC Davis on Sunday afternoon.  I figured the earliest I would have been transferred was on Monday, but when two hospitals work together instead of arguing, things get done pretty quickly.

So I had my first ambulance ride that I was conscience for.  My boyfriend rode with me.  He rode up front while I was in the back.  I wish I could say the ride was exciting, but it really wasn't. Between Chico and Sacramento is mostly farmland so I dozed the bulk of the way.

Since getting to Davis, I've been pumped full of fluids.  My bladder is not enjoying this.  They've taken plenty of blood. Done X-Rays.  Still no real conclusion as to what happened, just a theory.

My boyfriend has been staying with me.  He's been really helpful through this.  Since I wasn't able to move around, he basically carried me where I wanted to go.  He's good at distracting me during lab draws.  One time, a nurse came in for blood and my boyfriend started talking about food with me.  We were describing different dishes, finally the nurse said, "stop, your making me so hungry I can't concentrate." I got a good laugh from it, and it was one of my easiest lab draws.

I think him being here is probably the only silver lining to being in the hospital.  We usually don't get much time together.  And right now it's in abundance.  I don't think the sleeper chair he's been using is all that comfy, but he isn't complaining.  I do think the lack of good sleep is probably draining on him.

The hospital food is still a mystery to me.  Yesterday, they sent something that they called Chile Verde, but what it looked like was a dog vomited up a bunch of canned food.  Looked pretty nasty.  Now I love Chile Verde and this stuff definitely wasn't Chile Verde.  This time around, I've been craving chicken alfredo.  Can't wait to get home and have some.

As for when I get to go home, there's no say on that.  I think the doctors are waiting for me to be able to do normal things without oxygen before they will consider letting me go.  So that's what I am working on.  It's a challenge since everytime I unhook the oxygen I feel like a fish gasping for air.  My doctor did order a bike be brought in so I get to start on that.

Not much else here.  Mostly trying to catch up on lost sleep.  Sleep in a hospital, what a novel idea.