Monday, February 24, 2014

First Lung-iversary

I have made it to my first Lung-iversary. Let the celebrating begin. Of course I'm celebrating by having a bronchoscopy . There's no other way to celebrate a huge milestone like being sedated and having a tube shoved down your throat.

Seriously, though I am very thankful. I'm thankful to my donor and his/her family for making such a gift. I am thankful to everyone who provided support financially, spiritually, emotionally, and  physically.

As a special thank you, I've posted some pictures of my past year.  Without your support it would not have been possible.

Day I received news about being listed.

Just got the call. Posing before my helicopter ride

Out of surgery. In the ICU
Smiling for the camera.

There be vampires in the hospital
First walk.
First day out of the hospital. 75 lbs.

First day of rehab.
Bane's daughter
Finally got my black mask.
Enjoying the outdoors.

Trying out my new phone.
Month out 93 lbs.
Needed day trip to the ocean.

Outing in Chico
Look who was waiting for me outside of rehab.

First hike. Mick and I owned that rock.

Someone wants my Boost shake.
Morning cocktail.
Getting some smooches.

My swollen ankles.
Break from appointments to visit the beach.

Sinus surgery AKA nose job.

Snuggling with a new puppy makes everything better.
Blood clots removed from nose.

Mick meets Leia for the first time.
Becoming buddies.

Hanging out at the infusion center.
Ocean break.

Another wait at the infusion center.
Walking the dogs across the Sundial Bridge.

I am Wonder Woman!
My new nephew.
My new niece

Getting a milkshake after a day at the infusion center
Mick and I taking a break from hiking.
SB and I at the creek.

Getting a picture of my eyes.
Valentine's Day at Treasure Island.
I hope you've enjoyed a look back at my first year post transplant. I would love to be celebrating again next year, but I can't do that without your continued support. As my lung-iversary is on February 24, I am asking for a humble donation of $2.24 to help with continued transplant expenses.