Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Things have been busy since my last post.  Busy is better than boring, but sometimes I need time to take a breather.

Friday, I got my hair cut.  It's shorter than it has been in quite awhile.  I do like it though.  Less shampoo, more curls, and much lighter for this summer heat.  I can make a pony tail and not have a bunch of hair touching my neck. A plus side is that my boyfriend likes it (or at least he says he likes it).

Friday was one of those hot days.  It hit at least 103 outside.  And that was the day I had to go to town.  Luckily, I packed Gatorade on top of ice water. 

Friday was also my Bible Study's Movie Night and potluck.  We had plenty of food and lots of laughs.  Most of which were at my boyfriend's expense.  The movie we selected was Signs.  It has plenty of points for discussion.  Overall, I'd have to say that the night was a success.

Saturday was spent with my boyfriend.  It was another hot day so we had to stay in.  We did dinner and watched Secret of Nimh.  Sometimes it's nice to relax and watch those childhood classics.  I don't think we ever truly outgrow them.

Sunday was Father's Day.  My mother and I had brunch with my grandfather.  We brought Mick with us.  It's funny seeing my grandfather with that little dog.  They really adore each other.  So Mick got spoiled as well as Grandpa.  My mom and I headed home after brunch and I took a long nap.  I think having days of stuff back to back really takes it out of me.  I woke up in time to have a weekly call with my dad.

Monday was an appointment with my CF clinic.  Apparently the flu really did take it out of me.  I lost five pounds and my lung function is down again.  So now I'm back to square one trying to get the weight back on.  I'm back to square one on exercising.  And because it's summer I have to work extra hard to stay hydrated.  Maintenance is a full time job. 

My boyfriend has offered to help me with the weight gain and exercise.  I've decided to see what ideas he can come up with.  He might think of a few things I never thought of.   I do foresee some extra peanut butter shakes in my future :o)  Right now, I am trying to eat every three hours.  Sometimes it's just a small snack, but it's something.  That's every three hours while I'm awake.  I'm not setting alarms at night to eat.  And because of the heat, I've been eating plenty of ice cream.  The funny thing about trying to gain weight is that I'm craving apples.  So I'm thinking of picking some up and eating them with peanut butter.  I know it's not a ton of calories, but if I don't give in to my food cravings I can get moody.

Tuesday was Bible Study.  It was fun, lots of food.  My boyfriend had the night off so we had some one on one time afterwards.  For us those times are a rarity.  So we take them when we can.

Today, I relaxed.  My body needed the rest.  Besides, it was too hot outside to do anything.  I should get a kiddie pool set up so I can just relax outside in cool water.

It's time to eat again. 

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