Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lots of Updates

I've noticed it's been a while since my last post. Things got pretty busy once I was able to return home from the hospital.  The theory about what caused that stay is dehydration. It could be true, I started to recover after massive amounts of IV fluids.

I got home in time to celebrated my 31st birthday.  My boyfriend made a day of it.  He made home made mac'n cheese (I had been craving it the whole time I was in the hospital, and he couldn't find any).  He also made my birthday cake (very chocolatey).  We spent some time at a used book store.  Nothing says, "I love you," like a few hours in a book store.  Later that night, we went star gazing.  That part was comical.  Since I was still on IVs and my next med was due when we would be out.  So my boyfriend brought a lamp out to hang my meds on.  So we were out in a field with a lamp.

I have to say that it was a great birthday.

About a week after my birthday, my boyfriend and I went to the midnight showing of Dark Knight Rises.  Now I'm the type who will wait a while after a movie comes out before I'll even see it in the theatre.  I don't like crowds.  My boyfriend is the opposite.  He loves attending the midnight showings.  He'll plan months ahead of time just to be there.  You would think I'd be miserable going to these showings, but I have found ways to be occupied.  People like to dress up for these things.  For someone who likes to sew, the work put into the costumes is pretty good.  I can appreciate the creativity involved.  Someone even went as far as to make their own Bat Mobile for the showing. It was pretty cool.  And the movie itself was worth the lack of sleep.  So I have no complaints about attending these midnight showings with my boyfriend.

August hit with me getting ready for my Bible Study's annual camping trip.  Since there were no outlets at our site, my boyfriend had to learn how to do the CPT.  I think he enjoyed beating me a little too much.  I guess it's every guy's dream to have an excuse to beat his girlfriend.  We had a lot of fun together.  It was our first trip as a couple and it was great seeing each other each day.  The trip itself was pretty busy.  From the time we woke up till the time we went to bed the day was nonstop.  We had to purposely skip some activities just to get my treatments done.

Despite being so busy, I don't think neither my boyfriend or I wanted the trip to end.

The rest of August was spent preparing for movie night and planning for me to spend a week staying in the same town as my boyfriend. By middle August I did have to pack up and stay with a friend for a week.  The California wildfires had gotten pretty bad.  It was too smokey at my place for me to safely stay.  I definitely didn't want another hospital stay so soon.  It was good timing to leave.  My side had really started to hurt whenever I coughed or moved.  After a couple of weeks of anti-inflammatories and some heat therapy, my side is doing a lot better.

I have to say the week in town was great.  We were able to see each other during the daytime instead of waiting till evening.  We even were able to do coupley stuff, like meeting up for lunch or hanging out at the park.  That week went by way too fast.

Now, I'm officially back at home.  Decided to mess my back up moving furniture.  Sometimes I forget that I have limits.  Or I should say that I forget that there are things that I used to be able to do that I can't do anymore.

At this moment, I'm resting my back while blogging and sitting next to my boyfriend while he plays Zelda.  Perfect way to relax on a Saturday.