Sunday, September 5, 2010

September is Here

It's September.  Everyone has started back in school, and even here in CA we got a respite from the heat.  Not sure how long it will last, but it's nice.  While everyone is going back to school, I am at home trying to get my writing muscles in shape after a few months unplanned hiatus.  We will see how that goes.  Maybe in a couple of years you'll find me in the best sellers list.

My niece celebrated her second birthday yesterday.  She is growing so fast.  I still have a framed photo of the the first time I held her perched on a shelf in my library.  Now she's running and learning new words rapidly.  I'm excited about what the future holds for her, and pray each day that I get to live to see her grow up.

I must say the party was great.  My brother in law is great when it comes to preparing food and his daughter's birthday was no exception.  The cake was a cool creation by a family friend (she owns a cake business in town).  My niece was showered with gifts.  I have to say that there was a nice balance between toys and clothes.  Of course her final gift (provided by my mother) was the star according to my niece.  My mom had found a bicycle that was my niece's size.  The little girl wanted to test it out as soon as she saw it. 

When I finally got home, I took a three hour nap.  I guess the heat of the day got more to me than I thought.  I miss the days when weather really didn't bother me.  And if I did get hot, the hose was enough to provide relief.

For the rest of my Labor Day Weekend, I plan on staying home and possibly vegging on sci fi movies.  Haven't done that in a while and I'm in a Stephen King mood.  If tomorrow is cool enough I might even treat Mick to a walk in the park.  If there's mud, he'll be one happy puppy.