Friday, December 30, 2011

End of 2012

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I did. Christmas Day was low key and fun. I spent the whole day eating. Hopefully some of those calories went to my hips. I have to say I lucked out. I got the first two seasons of Big Bang Theory and a gift card for the third season. So I'm set to have a a Big Bang Theory marathon. I even have a new popcorn maker for endless popcorn.

The Christmas season always tends to get busy. In a good way though. I like all the cooking and baking. I enjoy sampling all the different meats and cheeses. And pasta, Yummmmm. Of course tomorrow is the last party of the year. I plan on spending it with friends. Hoping that there will be more than carbs available for snacking.

I figured I'd try to get one last post in before the New Year. Of course just because the holiday season tones down doesn't mean I get a break. January is the birthday month in my family. We have at least one birthday each week in January. I am so glad I have a birthday in July it's not so close to the holiday season that people are done with parties and it's in the summer when you can have water fights and lots of swimming.

With the New Year coming up, I guess I should be making my resolution list. Haven't figured out my New Year's resolutions yet. I guess the main one would be to gain some weight. Maybe I should try finding a workout routine that I can do (and enjoy)  despite having to use the oxygen. I hear that there's a water aerobics class for seniors and disabled people at the local gym, so I am thinking about finding the price to join and trying that out. I miss being in the water. I miss hiking, and riding my bike. I just need to figure out to do all this with this heavy tank tagging along.

I'll see both my regular doctor and the transplant doctors in January. See how that goes.

Hope Everyone has a Happy New Year.

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