Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June Already

So, I didn't get to blog as soon as I returned from Stanford like I had planned.  I wound up sick.  I actually started getting sick on the way home.  First it was non stop hacking.  I thought I was having some weird asthma attack.  No way I could be sick.  I cleaned everything before I touched it.

By the time I got home, I had a fever.  There was no denying it, I had my mother's bug.  And it was horrible.  I was hot, then I was freezing.  I was coughing so much my abs and ribs hurt.  Nothing was coming up.  My throat hurt, my head hurt, my eyes burned.  I felt like a rag doll that's been thrown around.  My legs were killing me.  And I was so exhausted.

I locked myself in my room and mostly just slept.  I didn't have energy for anything else.  I mean eating was exhausting.  If I checked my email I'd be too worn too answer.  This was one crazy bug.

The fever didn't break till either Thursday night or Friday morning.  It's been a slow recovery process.  My cough is still pretty rattly and I only have enough energy for basic things.  This was not a bug to catch.

I'm spending the rest of the week resting up.  I want to be as well as I can get by Friday night.  My sister got me tickets to see Wicked and I have been looking forward to it all year.

I spent my sick time basically cut off from the world (hard to do much when I keep falling asleep).  I did wind up with one of those "I can't believe he did that" moments.

On Monday I was getting my morning treatments out of the way.  My sister and her boyfriend went out for a bit.  I didn't think much of it.  When they returned, my sister's boyfriend said, "You got mail _____" I figured he wasn't speaking too me since _____ is a nickname my boyfriend gave me and no one else knows that.  So my sister comes in and says "_______ you have mail," and she tosses a letter at me.  And there on the envelope in my boyfriend's handwriting is ___________.

There is no way to live this down with my sister.  At the moment she's milking it.  Every time she sees me she calls me ___________.  I am hoping she gets bored of it soon.

Hopefully everyone else's week has fared a lot better than mine.

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