Monday, May 28, 2012

A Dolop of Daisies

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Memorial Day.  Make sure to thank at least one of our country's service members.

My weekend went fairly well.  I'm dealing with the fact that I'm feeling tons better since my hospital stay that I want to do everything.  So I'm having to remind myself to slow down and take a break.

Friday night was dinner with some friends from my Bible study.  My boyfriend was sweet enough to arrange a ride for me that day since I didn't have access to a car.  After dinner we went and watched the latest Muppet movie.  It was funny in that cheesy sort of way.  Definitely, Muppet style.

Saturday was a relaxation day.  Basically means I stayed home, did some laundry, and worked on some writing.  My mom came home really sick that night.  Some sort of bug.  I feel bad, I want to help her but most bugs send me back to the hospital.  So I've been staying holed up in my room.  Not to worry I have plenty of supplies to get me through this epidemic :o)  Actually, today my mom is sounding better.  She still has a nasty cough.  So I'm guessing another day of rest is in her future.

Sunday was a bit of a treat.  My boyfriend and I joined some friends for a picnic in the park.  The mild weather made it a perfect day.  We even found a tree with moss in shape of a heart.  And I had never been to that particular side of Bidwell.  It was neat seeing different spots for swimming.  And the way the park is set up, there can be tons of people there and you still feel like you're having a private get together.

Mossy heart

 I think one of the highlights of the day was that my boyfriend got me first bouquet of flowers (from a boyfriend).  They're daisies dyed in my favorite shade of blue.  He hid them at the church and presented them after service.  Definitely one of those "Awww" moments.  I really want to take them with me to Stanford this week.

That is it for today.  Next time I blog, I should be back from Stanford with some more interesting quips about medical staff.


  1. Oh man, I can totally relate to the "now I feel good and want to do stuff" thing. I feel like my life is an endless loop - get sick, finally get better, get excited about feeling better, overexert and get sick again! Good luck with your recovery, and the flowers are gorgeous!

    (This is Cindy from the CF Blogroll by the way.)

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