Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hot Days of Summer Have Began

Talked to my doctor, since I'm back to coughing and being short of breath.  That flu really took it out of me.  I don't want to go back to the hospital this soon so he agreed to have me try some oral antibiotics for a few days.  If that doesn't work than it's back to IVs.  So I am currently on three meds that say to keep out of sunlight.  So it looks like I'll have to hold off on getting some colour back on this skin.

Had to put the AC on before noon today.  I hate hot days.  I don't like the heat.  I can't keep up on hydration, the air is hard to breath, and I become a walking salt lick.  The other bad thing about the heat is that I don't get hungry.  I'm hungry when it's cool, but when it's hot I want nothing to do with food. I just want to cool off.  The not hungry part is hard since I don't have any weight to spare.  Normally, when the weather heats up, I keep a supply of ice-cream on hand.  It's cold, cools me off, and helps with the calories.  Probably not the healthiest meal choice, but it's better than not eating.  Once the suns goes down and things cool off a bit my appetite returns.  This equals a lot of midnight and 3am snacking. 

And then there's hydration.  During the summer I tend to lose more water than I put in.  It's not for lack of trying.  On really hot days I need about 20 glasses of water/Gatorade just to ward off dehydration.  I'm not kidding, my doctors and I actually measured it.  That is a hard goal to reach each day.  No wonder I don't get hungry.  I'm too full of liquids to eat.

I still haven't figured out this whole eating in the summer thing.  Maybe I should get a pool and eat all my meals in nice cool water.  Seriously, though I do wonder how other CFers beat the challenges of a hot day.

It seems that the warm weather is here to stay.  That means packing away all the winter blankets and just sleeping under sheets.  That also means camping weather and trips to the coast.  I'll take any excuse to visit the ocean. 

As for today, I think I'm going to sit under a fan and read a book with a bowl of ice cream.

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