Monday, December 31, 2012

Final Post Of 2012

This is the last post of the year. I hope you have been enjoying your holiday.

December filled up quickly. I found a place to move to. Still doing the moving thing. Finally got Internet set up there. Still working on an actual phone line. People can call me, but I can't call out. Not sure how that happened.

SB has been offered a place to stay as well. It sounds like a great deal and I am hoping he can take it.

I went to Stanford for some testing about a week before Christmas. Got pretty doped up. Not my best couple of days. I guess I really tried SB's patience. So high dose steroids mixed with high dose antihistamines produces a very rude and delusional Geeky Girl.

Once the doped up state wore off, I started running fevers. I thought it was just a side effect from the tests. But I didn't seem to improve much. And I was so thirsty. I started to feel better by Christmas.

Christmas seemed to come faster than I expected. SB gave me my gift early. Midnight showing of The Hobbit in IMAX. I can tell you, I was one happy lady. I had a countdown going on my Facebook. SB did a great job picking that gift. I will probably be bragging until the second part hits theaters.

I spent Christmas Day with my family. I loved watching how excited my niece was about the day. And I was able to spend some time with my sisters. We played Pictionary Man. I have to say that is one addictive game.

All in all it was a great day. The downside was that SB had to work so he wasn't present. Wished he was. He would have dominated at Pictionary Man. And the guy would have been in heaven with all the food.

Day after Christmas definitely didn't turn out as planned. SB had wanted to bake sugar cookies. I agreed. I had the bright idea to walk my dog before SB came over. My heart rate went crazy and I couldn't breathe. I still hadn't recovered by the time SB arrived so he took me to the ER.

I tried protesting. I had promised SB sugar cookies. I had also promised to make him his own Christmas dinner. I had the whole thing planned out. So there was no way I could be sick. SB won the argument and took me to the ER. He might have been freaking out inside, but outside he remained calm and got me there safely. He kept reassuring me that this time I'm not as sick as I was in June. I have to say that SB did an amazing job keeping people informed of what was going on and holding my hand for those horrible lab draws.

The following day I was transferred to Stanford. The doctor had said that the infection was in my blood stream and that my marrow was releasing premature white blood cells. He felt I needed to be sent somewhere that could better handle the situation.

That was a tough pill to swallow. With the new year coming in, the last thing I wanted was to be in the hospital. Much less one so far away from friends and family. When the ambulance came, SB gave me a hug and a kiss. I can honestly say that goodbyes are never long enough and this one felt way too short.

The first couple of days were exhausting. I was hooked up to heart monitors. Those kept beeping if I so much as coughed. And if I got up to use the bathroom, alarms went off like crazy. People would rush in to check on me. I felt bad. Them constantly rushing in on a false alarm. I'm surprised they didn't try kicking me out for all the false alarms. The good thing was, the doctor left orders for me to move around but if I went without oxygen I would start having trouble breathing. So I would have to call for someone to escort me. In the end, they hooked up an extension for the oxygen that could reach to the bathroom.

I'm still in Stanford. Missing everyone like crazy. SB calls each day, which makes me miss him more. He's been having to work a lot. I feel pretty bad about being here. SB was on the schedule to work tonight so I had planned on getting dressed up, grabbing some sparkling cider, and heading over to his work in time to ring in the New Year. Me being here means scrapping that plan.

On a good note someone is taking SB's shift tonight. So my fingers are crossed that he makes it here in time.

Happy New Year Everyone.

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