Monday, January 7, 2013

Cabin Fever

I'm still in the hospital. Good news is: I should be going home tomorrow. While Stanford is a nice hospital, and the staff is amazing, I can't wait to go home.

I want to sleep on my own bed. Play with my dog. Curl up on the couch with SB and watch sci-fi movies. I want to get my food and not wait for a nurse to bring my enzymes and insulin.

This stay wasn't a waste of time though. Every time I start thinking that maybe I should bend and go back to having TV, the hospital reminds me that I'm not missing out. With all the channels that are available, there is rarely something on worth watching, and even less is on that is worth paying to watch.

Actually, the doctors used my time here to finish up the tests needed for listing. Some of the test were awkward. One was for ladies. And I had no warning. A doctor came in told me what she was here for And my brain was going "what? Not now. Are these people nuts?" As most ladies know, appointments like that require some serious mental preparation. So it being sprung up was not appreciated. I got it over with, which means that I don't have to face that torture for another two years.

Another thing they sprung on me was an ENT consultation. An ENT is a nose, ears, and throat doctor. Now in my experience a consult is just talking to the doctor, voicing concerns and possibly scheduling some labs. This guy came in with a camera to shove up my nose. And he actually had the nerve to tell me it wouldn't hurt. He did try numbing my nose but all the stuff did was numb my front teeth. It did nothing for my nose. So shoving a camera up there really sucked. All so he could see in my nose, and then tell me that he wants to do another CT scan in a month when I'm feeling better. I guess they want to do any necessary sinus surgery before transplant.

Of course my nose is my favorite body part. So I am hoping there is no need to mess with something so cute.

Spending New Year's here didn't turn out bad. My sister and her husband came to celebrate. And SB made it in time. So we opened the Martinelli's and rang in the New Year. The funny part was my brother-in-law forgot to bring a bottle opener. So he ended up figuring out how to open a bottle with a piece of paper. Of course he had to give SB a demonstration. Actually, it was pretty cool.

My sister and here husband went back home after New Year's. They had to go back to work. SB was able to stick around till Friday. During treatments, he would go exploring. He found a few shops that would make me drool.

I did get curious at how often people actually come into my hospital room. So on Saturday (slow day by hospital standards) I timed every time someone came in. It came out to over 8 hours. No wonder I feel like I never have privacy. For an introvert, this can be really draining.

Looking forward to tomorrow. SB is making the long drive to take me home. Should probably sleep tonight so I talk his ear off for four hours.

Till Next Time.

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