Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Update

September's here. I wish I could say that means the weather will start to cool down. But in this part of California it doesn't cool down till after Halloween. Then we jump from hot to freezing cold. There's no fall weather. We only get a week of spring. I guess that's the downside of where I live. It's either really hot or really cold no easing into the next season.

As of right now I basically have two more months of summer weather left.

Hoping for a low key September. I have no appointments scheduled for the month and am working hard at staying healthy. My niece has a birthday coming up so we'll be celebrating. She wants a purple cake and Snow White. Of course at her age, she'll have a new favorite by the end of the week.

I am supposed to move in the middle of the month. See how that goes. Something always ends up lost or broken. But I'll be moving from three acres to 20 acres. There's lots of trees and a creek. And the property is right next to the family ranch. Can't complain about the location. I just hate all the packing and unpacking. Medical supplies always seem to take up way too many boxes.

I am going to miss the snow. The new house is below the snow line, so no winter wonderland for me. Here you get plenty of snow to play in, but not enough to be annoying. I'm going to miss it. And I will miss the smell of pine trees in the morning. Pines grow like crazy here. It's beautiful looking out the window and seeing pines all the way up the mountains. Oak grows at the new place, not pines. Oak just doesn't have that same piney smell.

I think the most annoying part about moving is having to update my address. I have to contact the three pharmacies that deliver to me, my CF clinic, the transplant clinic, Social Security, IHSS, and my insurance. That's on top of having regular mail switched over. It's crazy and a headache. It took me a year of calling before Social Security finally updated my record. I'm going to hate going through this again.

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