Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finally Got the Shakes

Nutritional Shakes I mean.

Insurance approved the nutritional shakes so I don't have to pay out of pocket. They aren't Scandishakes and don't taste as good but it is better than nothing.

I don't understand insurances sometimes. Mine wouldn't approve Scandishake because it is too expensive. I understand, it is a pricey drink (over $100 per month). The other stuff is cheaper by the dose, but to get the same amount of calories as what I would get from the Scandishakes I have to drink twice as much. Which means 4 cans a day. That comes to 50% more in price compared to 2 a day of the Scandishakes. If I did math that badly in school, I would have never made it into Algebra much less Calculus. I'm not sure how these people get to keep their jobs.

Anyways, I'm taking what the insurance will pay for. It doesn't have that weird metal taste that most shakes seem to have (which I hate). It has this weird heaviness though. I'm going to have to experiment with the stuff to make it more palatable. I mean if I'm supposed to consume between 3-4 cans of the stuff, I need to come up with ideas as to how to do that. I wonder if I can use it to make cookies. At least it doesn't upset my stomach like some other shakes do.

I am still looking up high calorie recipes. It's hard these days since so many people are trying to lose weight. I want to gain weight but don't want to consume unhealthy calories. I need some avocado trees. Then this weight thing would be no problem. I have found that if you look on the body building sites they do have some good ideas for nutritional high calorie foods. Some just lack in creativity. Darn me for inheriting my grandfather's palate.

On an upside. We are starting the fundraising journey for my transplant. All of the details from the transplant and fundraising aspect will be posted here


  1. My son doesn't like the canned shakes -- we've tried boost, ensure, carnation instant VHC. Swears I'm trying to feed him butter.

    So I did find recipes online making muffins using boost. I ended up giving the cases of VHC to a relative with COPD -- he mixes them with chocolate syrum and doesn't mind them. We've since switched to the Enlive "juice" and have always mixed up powdered carnation instant breakfast with whole milk and cream.

    Ratatosk mom to Max age 8 wcf

  2. I can relate to the butter example. Every time my doctor prescribes inhaled colliston it feels like I'm inhaling butter. Nasty stuff. Never thought to use that comparison with the shakes.

    Could you provide me with a link to the muffin recipe? I'll see if I can use the shakes I have with it.

  3. http://www.boost.com/boost-in-your-life/boost-recipes/144225-blueberry-muffins

    I was going to try this with the Carnation VHC, but never got around to it.

    Are you on Creon? We get free vitamins & ensure beverages thru their extra helpings program. I send them the pharmacy receipt and every 3 months they send us a package.

  4. Thanks for the link. I'll give it a try.

  5. i drink boost shakes and i add milk to it, tastes much better than drinking it by itself, will not taste as heavy plus adds more vitamins to it

  6. I can't drink Boost. It won't stay down for me. So the doctor prescribed Carnation Plus. I've been diluting it with milk. I think my problem is, I'm not a fan of sweets and this stuff is too sweet.