Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Greed Knows No Country

I have found that instead of searching the internet for new information on Cystic Fibrosis, using Google Alerts really simplifies the process. It brings all the latest news straight to my inbox and I can sift through all the articles there. It's a great setup. At the end of the day I just log in and read up on anything interesting. So Monday evening I sat down to go through all the links that Google Alerts had sent and one caught my eye. It was titled "Cruel mother and 'Britain's sickest child." So I opened up the link which I have listed for you.

This article just irked me. I mean this mother scammed people into believing her child was sick and got them to give her money and gifts to "help him out." Her child spent countless time in the hospital when he could have been outside enjoying being a kid. I want to ask "what kind of person would do this?" but unfortunately I already know the answer.

It's people who don't care about how their actions affect others. It's people who would rather get easy money than put in a hard day's work for a wage. It's people who are greedy and can never seem to get enough of anything in life.

While this occured in Britain, the US has its share of scammers. These people fraud state Medicaid, Social Security, Disability, and agencies designed to help those who are truly in need. These people manage to scam tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars from these agencies. And what's frustrating is that most do manage to get away with it. Those who are caught don't get punished enough by my book.

And because of these scammers, those of us who really do need the help have to practically perform a circus act to get accepted into these programs. We have paperwork to fill out. We have to submit paperwork filled out by our doctors. Then we have to see an outside doctor and submit that paperwork just to prove that we really are sick. Crap I spend so much time trying to pretend to the world that I'm healthy and now I'm expected to prove that I'm sick? It gets frustrating.

And after all the hurdles have been jumped over or hopped through, then comes the waiting period. It can take up to six months before your case is approved or denied.

This entire circus act is just so we can get the help that we actually need. And you have people out there pretending to be sick because they think they can get an easy buck. Guess I've been pretending the wrong way this whole time.

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