Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good News

Went MIA for a bit.  Had plans to post weekly updates, but with Halloween, a visit to my mother's, and preparing for a trip to Tahoe, posting just didn't happen.

Saw the doctor on Friday.  My lung function is up to 35%, which is pretty darn good considering I've been below 20% for over a year.  He said that for some reason my lungs are trying to recover though he can't explain it.  I asked about stopping the prednisone since I was doing better and was sick of starving all the time.  He didn't want me to stop taking it just yet, but did agree to lower the dose.  So I get to work down to 10mg/day and stay there till I stay healthy for at least three months.  Also have to stay on the anti-fungal till after I stop taking the prednisone.  For the next three months I get to continue seeing the swirling lights.

Even though I am doing much better, the doctor still wants me to go see the transplant team in Stanford.   Have yet to hear when I'm supposed to go.  I think it's mostly just to get everything planned out for when my lungs decide to stop improving.  I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for another 10 years with these suckers though.

The doctor did give me permission to go back to my normal activities.  So it's back to biking and walking my dog for me.  Can't swim anymore on account of the dropping temps and I hate swimming in cold weather.  I need to get access to an indoor, heated pool.  Also started a new workout with my sister.  She got a video routine called "Turbo Jam."  Let's just say five minutes into the workout, I started coughing up plugs.  And my legs were killing me for the following two days. 

It was a reality check on how much muscle I had lost over the last month of being sick.  It really sucked.  Basically, it means that I'm back where I started earlier this year.  I have to increase my protein intake and really work on getting those muscles back.

Over all though, it's been a good week.  Makes it easier to have a positive outlook for next week.  Next time you hear from me, I'll have returned from Tahoe.

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