Sunday, October 25, 2009


I finally finished my last dose of IV meds yesterday.  I was so happy.  Once the medicine was done, I took out my needle and hopped in the shower.  Then I went up to my family's ranch to celebrate.

Basically, doing home IVs is exhausting.  I have to set up and hang the meds every eight hours.  I usually set alarms on my phone for each time so that I don't lose track.  If I want, a home health nurse can be sent out. But that's usually only for an hour a couple of times a week.  A nurse that's stays and does all the meds would be a private nurse and I'd have to pay out of pocket for that.  Not something I can afford.

Staying home and doing my meds on my own allows me to get more sleep than I would in the hospital.  In the hospital, I get awaken every 4 hours for vitals, treatments, lab draws, or because my blood pressure is low (which is normal for me).

Also, the food is so much better at home.  I never understood it.  I'm supposed to gain weight, but at the hospital they serve such disgusting food that you have to be starving before you eat it. And they never send stuff I can eat. I'm on a high fat/high calorie/high protein diet with no caffeine.  So they'll send coffee with breakfast, fruit for lunch, and grilled chicken for dinner. All with low fat milk.  I honestly don't think my chart is looked at as much as people claim it is.

So at home I get to chow down on Mexican food and Italian food (the two cuisines that rule).  I get all the whole milk I want.  And no coffee for breakfast. Makes my life a lot easier.

And at home, I get to spend time with my dog. When I'm doing my meds, he curls up and puts his head in my lap. When I take a nap, he sleeps right by my bed. If I start coughing he'll run over to make sure I'm okay. Basically, he's great for me. He doesn't ask for anything more than having his belly rubbed and a bone every once in a while.  But he'll cuddle with me, go for walks, comes running when I call.  I really should have gotten a dog before I dated all those flops :o)

Now I'm free. At least from the IV part anyways.  I still have three meds I'm taking in pill form.  Once causes me to see twirling lights and I'm not allowed to drive at night while taking it. Another makes me constantly hungry. I'll eat and eat till my stomach feels like it will pop and I'm still hungry.  It's quite annoying. The last one makes me thirsty. So I am hungry, thirsty, and seeing twirling lights all the time.  Kind of a funny mix.

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