Saturday, November 12, 2011

November Update

I know it's been a while since my last post. Things have been chaotic. Lost a family member at the beginning of October. His memorial was at the end of October. We are now trying to get back to our lives. The world doesn't stop just because you lose someone, but how do you pick back up? You can't pretend that person never existed. And you can't curl up into a ball letting the world pass you by. I would think that the best way to honour a loved one is to live the best life possible that you can.

I have been using the oxygen for about a month now. I get to do a lot more activities. So that's good. I miss swimming though. Since my sats only go down when I'm active, that's the only time I have to use the oxygen. I don't need it for sitting at home. I see the doctor on Monday to tell him how I've been doing with the oxygen. I also have to talk to him about my shakes. I've been slowly putting on weight which is great, but I received a letter from my insurance saying that they weren't going to pay for my shakes anymore. I can't afford the shakes on my own and I can't afford to be losing weight. So I need to know what to do next. Insurances never make things easy on you.

I had an appointment at the transplant center. It was short. I had let the social worker know about my stepdad's passing. She was surprised I had shown up to my appointment. I explained that in my experience when a doctor cancels on you, you get a new appointment within a week. But when you cancel on a doctor, you're lucky to get an appointment within two months. There was no way I was going to cancel. She seemed to understand. She notified the rest of the team about what had happened. That's the nicest those doctors have ever been to me. It even shocked my mom.

Halloween marked my Holiday Kick Off. For me, it means pouring through cookbooks and drooling over various recipes. I love food and I love preparing it. The idea of experimenting with a new dish makes me excited. I look forward to sharing my experiments with family and friends. Luckily, they seem to enjoy being my guinea pigs.

As far as the holidays go, I am getting booked. My dad is visiting the first week of December. I'm excited. Trying to find things to do that week. And I get to see my cousins. My Bible study group is having a Thanksgiving dinner this month and next month we have our Christmas party. These two months will be bittersweet since I'll be bumped to next next Bible study group at the first of the year (I'm getting too old for this one :o) It also means I'll be handing over the reigns to movie night to someone else. Not sure who yet. But I am looking forward to the next two months. I'm hoping to end the year with a bang.

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