Monday, October 10, 2011

October Update

September was pretty eventful. I wound up in the hospital due to severe dehydration. The attending their completely irritated me. He would not listen. He kept ordering lab draws to the point that I had bruises and my veins were going on strike. I kept trying to tell him to lay off and he wouldn't. I was so happy to finally be going home.

At home I wound up with a severe allergic reaction. So I was on Benadryl for a week. So I was pretty useless during that time.

When I finished home IVs I went to my follow up appointment. My lung function had actually gone down. I needed a break from IVs so I didn't go back on meds. I did gain all the weight back that I had lost while sick. The doctor did a walking test on me. I've been complaining for awhile that when I walk around or try to work out, my heart rate keeps going crazy and my brain starts to scream at me. But I kept getting told that I was having an anxiety attack. I couldn't understand why a simple walk would cause an attack so I just kept pushing myself.

So my doctor ordered a walking test. Instead of testing my sats after I walk (which is how the walking tests at the transplant center are conducted) my doctor ordered that my sats should be checked while I am walking. Well, while walking I dropped to 85%. When I stopped and sat down my sats shot back up. So now when I workout or exercise, I have to use oxygen. It's going to take some getting used to.

My doctor also took the anxiety I feel when I get labs done into consideration. Since I already do relaxation techniques and am still having issues my doctor ordered some anti-anxiety medication. I'm supposed to use it only for labs. We're hoping that it'll relax me enough so that my veins won't constrict. We'll see how it works the next time I have labs.

The following day, I had to take my dog to the vet. He managed to get a fox tail deep into his paw. The vet had to sedate him and really go in deep to remove it. She let me stay in the room for the whole procedure. My dog is back to normal now. He's already trying to chase the sheep again. I don't think he got the memo on how to be a Lhasa Apso.

During all this, I was moving to a new house. So the stress with being sick was combined with the stress of moving. We still don't have everything unpacked.

I also was able to talk to COTA about keeping my blog open. We came to an agreement. I get to keep my Fight to Inhale blog going and use their site for all transplant related blogging.

As you can see it's been a pretty hectic month.

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