Monday, May 30, 2011

Friday's Post

Sorry for not posting Friday. Internet was on the fritz. I suppose that means you get two posts this week, weather permitting. Basically whenever the weather gets crazy (snow, rain, wind) I lose internet. The joys of living in the mountains I guess. This weather is not typical for a California May. By now I usually have a nice tan going and have the best swimming spots picked out. With all the rain and cold, I haven't set foot in a body of water yet. And we don't get tornadoes that touch down. Wednesday, four touched down in my county. Luckily, no one was hurt. A lot of property damage but that can be fixed.

Not much news in the CF world. May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month so on weekends various cities have been holding Great Strides events. No miracle drugs on the market yet. Various drugs in the trial stages, but that doesn't mean they'll make on the market. So it's keep your fingers crossed and hope that something pans out.

I still haven't been listed for a transplant. I'm not sure how much worse the transplant center wants me to be before I can be listed.  I go back in July to see if there's any change. This part of waiting is frustrating. I'm too sick to hold a job. My day is spent doing treatments and therapy. Sometimes it feels like I don't have a life.

I have found ways to keep busy. I preview movies for the monthly movie night with my bible study group. I sew, I write. I experiment with cooking. And I read. So at least I'm not sitting around all day feeling sorry for myself. I just get bored sometimes. I think that's the only time I miss living in the city. I enjoy the quiet of the mountains and the fresh air. But since I don't have a car, I can't go anywhere when I'm bored. In the city I can hop on a bus and go somewhere else for a change in scenery.

Maybe I should take up gardening.

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