Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Friendly Visit

A lot has happened in the last week and a half. 

My bio dad flew in from Colorado for a visit.  I went and met his brothers and nieces (my uncles and cousins) for the first time (met my bio dad in April).  The visit was nice.  Apparently, I have pretty cool relatives.  I'm still the odd ball though.  I chose to attend UC Davis and they are all Sac State people.  Guess I'll always be the weird one.

I guess I have a lot of qualities my paternal grandmother had.  I find it weird because growing up I was always told that I look like my grandmother (my mother's mother) and act like my grandfather (my mother's father).  I'm not upset by this comparison.  I've actually always been proud of it.  My grandmother was and still is a very beautiful woman.  And my grandfather is a very strong will and self educated man.  Being compared to these two meant that I possess the qualities that have made them so successful in life.

Now, I'm being told that I also have the qualities of a third person in me.  And while I will never get to meet this person, I can tell by how everyone speaks of her that she was a creative person who was respected and loved.

My bio dad had to fly back to Colorado.  I sent with him the Christmas gifts I had made for everyone.  I hand painted a set of snowman ornaments.  I chose the ornaments because I can do plenty of detailed work and they will still fit in a suitcase without too much trouble.  I'm told that there was some negotiating over who was getting which snowman.  I am hoping that it's a good thing.