Friday, December 11, 2009

CFer Christmas List

Christmas is around the corner and people are out getting gifts for everyone on their lists. Children have written and rewritten their letters to Santa asking for the latest toys or coolest clothes. The ladies are hoping for that pretty necklace that they see in the jewelry store window or a ring from that special someone. And the guys are hoping for some power tools or that large screen T.V. Everywhere you go, the sound of Christmas music is permeating through the air.

We CFers are no different when it comes to Christmas. We have our Christmas list. The only difference is the what and the why we are asking for it. And for the most part we will never tell you what is really on our list.

So what is on a CFer's Christmas list?

1. A New Set Of Lungs.

I guess that's pretty obvious. CF attacks the whole body in some way, but it seems to wage war on the lungs. The idea of participating in physical activities without "hacking up a lung" is pure fantasy for most of us.

2. More Time.

Time is something that no one is guaranteed. And as CFers, we are more painfully aware of that fact and of the fact that no matter how much time we do get, it will always be less than what "we could have had."

3. A Cure.

This is actually at the top of the list. Those of use who believe in a higher entity pray for it each night. And those of us who don't believe, still continue to hope. It is that hope that keeps us going day after day. Pushing against the odds, because we want to make it to that day when CF is no longer a threat. When the disease can no longer outsmart science. And that is a day we will be celebrating.

I am aware that this list is out of reach. A fantasy that has yet to become truth. But that doesn't mean you can't get the CFer in your life something he'd appreciate.

So what do you get a CF for Christmas? After wracking my brain, and considering personal experience, I've compiled this list.

1. Hand held Gaming Console.

The Nintendo DSi or PSP are great gifts for a CFer. We spend a lot of time at doctor's appointments, and in the hospital. Games help the time pass by more quickly. And helps us keep our minds off of CF for the time being. An added bonus: Include a game or two to gets things started.

2. DVDs

The more the better. Again, being sick sucks. So anything that keeps our minds off of IVs, CPT is great. Even when not in the hospital, and we're have a down day (up all night coughing, or just feeling "ick") DVDs are a great way to pass the time. I have spent many sick days just doing a marathon of movies I've been collecting just for those moments. Comedies are a plus. They brighten the day up a bit and laughter helps get some of that gunk out.

3. Notebook/Laptop.

It's one large entertainment package. Your CFer can play video games, watch movies, browse the internet, and do homework (yeah right) all on one piece of equipment. Mine has been a lifesaver. Hospital TV is extremely boring, and having all my games and movies right there has made many hospital stays a little more bearable.

4. Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation)

I personally think this little device is neat. Your CFer can store all his favorite books on here and read them. The device is portable so it's great for doctor appointments and hospital stays. I've been hinting to my mother about it since she keeps complaining about all the books I have her bring me when I'm in the hospital (they can get heavy). This little device, could be shoved into a purse or overnight bag and your CFer can have all the reading material he needs.

5. Apple iPod touch 32 GB (3rd Generation) NEWEST MODEL

This is also a handy device. Get one that you can play games on and watch movies as well as listen to music. It's great for hospital stays (easy to stash away), and appointments.

6. Books.

Reading allows for a great escape when your CFer is having one of those "ick" days. Activity books keep the mind busy as well. I'm 28 and I still enjoy a good coloring book.

7. Cool PJs.

There's not a nice way to say it. Hospital gowns are ugly. No one looks good in them. And they are drafty in areas where no draft should be. So get your CFer a comfortable and cool set of pjs. Makes him feel a little more human in a place that tends to forget.

8. Board Games.

Again these help fight against boredom. Find out what games he likes and get him a couple. Just make sure to stick around to play a couple of rounds with him.

9. Art Project/Model Set.

Great for those rainy days when your CFer is stuck inside. Or those boring hospital stays. Make sure to get all the necessary equipment for your CFer to finish that one project. It sucks, getting a start on something and really getting into it then having to quit because a particular tool was missing or you ran out of paint...

10. Workout Equipment.

Keeping our lungs healthy is important. Unfortunately, after having to spend funds on medications and other things not covered by insurance, spending money on a workout routine just doesn't make it on the priority list. Of course this means different things for different CFers:

If your CFer likes to ride his bike a lot, get him some warm biking gloves for those chilly days. A pair of bike shoes would be nice or warm jacket. A new helmet to make sure he comes home safely. Or a gift certificate for some much needed bike maintainence.

If your CFer likes to lift weights, get him some dumbbells or a home gym. Or get him a gym membership with lessons on proper lifting techniques.

If your CFer is a jogger, get him some new running shoes, a pedometer, or a new running outfit.

If your CFer is a swimmer, get him an absorbent towel. A gym membership to a gym with an indoor heated pool would be a plus (something I am totally hinting for). This would allow him to continue swimming even when the weather is less than appropriate.

I hope this list gives you an idea for what to give the CFer in your life this Christmas.

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