Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Updates

I know I haven't kept up with blogging as I should. I spent the last six months without internet at home, and let me tell you that was a challenge. I've moved again, but this time I have internet at home. Hopefully that translates into my adding more posts here and on the COTA site.

Not a whole lot going on CF wise. Still doing the weight struggle. It can get exhausting and frustrating when you know where you want to be weight wise and there seems to be a stone wall blocking you from that goal weight.

 A friend of mine fixed my bike, so I am getting back into riding. I knew I was out of shape (hadn't ridden in two years), I just didn't know how badly out of shape. The day after my first ride I was aching everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I wound up sleeping that day away. Had my second ride on Sunday. Much less pain and didn't sleep the day away. The good about riding is that I am starving up to 24 hours afterwards. Hopefully this will help me pack on the pounds. I am glad to be doing something active again. It does take some planning though. The bag that came with my oxygen isn't very useful for active stuff so I had to figure out how I was going to do activities I enjoy without messing my back up. Luckily, I have some friends who contributed to the brain storming. The original idea was to use a camel back (has holes for the tubing), but those things are a bit pricey. Instead we took my hiking pack and fit the tank in there. Works great and the tank stays secure. Because of the amount of oxygen I go through on these rides, my friend carries a spare tank in his pack. Looking forward to the next bike ride.

Not much to report on doctor visits. Have one with my normal CF doctor in May. It's mostly to make sure I'm putting on weight. Really could go for a fat transplant right now.

I guess I should update: My bike riding friend is now my boyfriend. Just made it official tonight. Guess I should go on walks more often.

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