Thursday, July 21, 2011

Updates, Lots of Updates

Well I got out of the hosptial. Still can't stand being in that place. One would think they would provide isolation patients with a better view of the outside instead of the outer wall of another building. Had some issues with the stay, but they were resolved before I had to roll any heads.

The day I ended IV meds my dog got bit by a rattlesnake, so we spent several hours in the vet clinic. They pumped the little guy full of steroids, pain killers, and anti-histamine. Then I had to okay the vet using anti venom. Drained my entire emergency account. The vet did his best, and I could tell by looking at his face that he was sending my dog home to die. That was June 30. My dog is currently laying stretched out on the floor fast asleep. He had a long day running at the family ranch.

So what did I do that the Vet didn't? I don't know. My dog was scared. He was so doped up that he should have fallen asleep at the clinic but he fought it. When I brought him home, I slept on the couch with him. I had a syringe and a glass of water. Every hour I put that syringe in his mouth and forced water down his throat. I crushed up his meds and mixed it in baby food, put all that in the syringe and again force it all down his throat. And I prayed. Praying is usually a good thing to do when you're in a pickle. I knew my dog had a slim chance of survival, and if he did survive he would lose his leg. I didn't sit there trying to make deals with God ("If you save him, I'll go to church every Sunday", or "I'll donate so much to the needy"). I just asked that he save my dog. I told him that I would rather a three legged living dog than a four legged dead one.

The next morning, I looked into my dog's eyes and saw him (they had this dead look all night). His eyes were all lit up and he had to pee. He even tried walking on his leg. The vet was amazed by the transformation. My dog was able to keep his leg. There was very little tissue damage. He's back to his favorite activities.

Should keep in mind that my dog is only 18 pounds. A full grown rattle snake can kill a dog his size. The vet suspects that it was a baby that bit my dog (they are more toxic than adults). I could claim that my dog survived because he was in excellent health when he was bit, or that I give him a good diet. I believe my dog surviving is nothing short of a miracle. Usually two vials of anti-venom are used for a dog his size (the vet only had one vial left so that's all that was used). My mom had come home early that day and my dog was bit three minutes later. My dog didn't go run and hide in fear after the bite (instinct is to hide), he came straight to me. The nearest vet was 30 minutes away and the only road there had construction going on and a long wait, the day we went through for some reason there was no construction so we sped on by. Everything working out the way it did was no coinsidence.

After my dog received a clean bill of health from the vet, the AC went out at my house so I headed over to the family ranch. I will have to say that this was a good thing. After the bite my dog has been afraid to be outside by himself. Where I live there are no shade trees so I can't be outside for long periods of time. At the ranch there is plenty of shade and no rattle snakes. So I've been working with my dog, getting him to enjoy being outside without me again. He's making a lot of progress. He'll go down to the pond by himself now.

While here at the ranch, my family threw a surprise party for my 30th birthday. It was fun. The theme was Over the Hill (family tradition when you turn 30). I loved it. I had skulls on my cake.

Wednesday I had another appointment with the transplant team. Still too soon for a transplant. I wonder how sick they want a person to be first.

I can honestly say that my life has not been boring as of late. I really need a vacation. Am looking forward to a camping trip on the coast next month. I plan on being lazy on that trip.

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